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About Us

The purpose of IDPA is to promote, preserve and share Irish dance traditions with the community.  We support the athlete dancers of the O’Shea Irish Dance community in their competitive efforts and performances, focusing on the health, happiness and education of each one.  We will solicit, collect, manage and disperse funds for the promotion of activities of O’Shea Irish Dance, upon the advice and approval of the Program Director.  We promote sportsmanship, courtesy and respect among all members of the O’Shea Irish Dance family, and toward members of the community outside the program.


Throughout the year we manage:

  • Communication resources: website, message boards/listserve, and monthly meetings

  • Fundraisers: These opportunities are for parents/dancers to raise monies for expenses.

  • Competitions: The Minneapolis Feis, the St. Paul Autumn Feis, and the OID Feis

  • The Annual Feis Fair: An event that introduces dancers and their families to what it means to feis and provide volunteer opportunities.

Board Members


Advisory Director (non-voting):

  • Cormac O'Se



  • Galena St. Croix (acting)



  • Kathleen Lopac



  • Katy Fini



  • Jen English


Communications Chair:

  • Kristo Sween

At-Large Members:

  • Robby Callahan Schreiber

  • Maclore Christensen

  • Donna Dingle

  • Shannon Motl

Feis committee:

  • Galena St. Croix, Katy Fini, Cormac O'Se



Celtic Junction

836 Prior Avenue North

Saint Paul, MN 55104



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