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Saint Paul Autumn Feis

Adjudicators and Musicians



  • Dearbhla Fay Kapenas, IL

  • Emily Major, KY

  • Breda O’Brien, MA

  • Noreen Houlihan Smith, MA

  • Heather Timm, OH

  • John Timm, OH

  • Philip Gillan Owens, FL




  • Tom Juenemann, Minnesota

  • Nick Shizas, Illinois

  • 2 more TBD


Music Judge


Cory Froehlich - Irish Flute, Tin Whistle, Song, Piano 

Cory was introduced to the silver (orchestral) flute as a child, and continued study through university. Love of the instrument enticed him to explore its use in traditional music. A very capable wooden flute player in the Irish tradition, Cory’s study of both flutes allows him to explore a wide range of genres. He specializes in the adaptation of wooden flute techniques to the Boehm instrument. Cory also has a BA in Classical Vocal Performance.

Cory Froehlich.jpg
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